Shark Speed’s Final Show…*sigh…

Dear everyone,

Be sure to come out this friday to Velour for Shark Speed’s final show, for a year or so that is. All the opening acts are great friends of ours and have been very special to us in our journey as a band over the years. So come for the entire show and look for special guests and special merch prices! Don’t live a single day with the regret of not partying one last time with Joe and Jared before they take off to Kansas City! Ps this may very well sell out, but we never will…haha.

Love, Shark Speed

The end of an era

Friday April 15TH

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Club Vegas or Bust!

Well here are the shots from Club Vegas put on by City Weekly.

Thanks for all who came out and voted. Thanks to the other bands, Holy Water Buffalo and Bronco. You were all very entertaining and awesome! Results on the contest soon to come. Stay tuned kids!

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City Weekly Best of 2010 Competition

Help Shark Speed win best band of 2010

Join us for the 2011 CWMA Band Showcases!
Live music every weekend in February

Vote for Shark Speed twice: vote once in person at their showcase show in Club Vegas on the 5th of February.

The top three voted bands will compete for the title of City Weekly’s Band of the Year at the Final Showcase & Dance Party on Saturday, Feb. 19 at The Complex.
One vote per IP address per poll.

Online voting ends Thursday Feb. 3 at midnight

Vote here

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Shark Week in Logan and Provo


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Cowboys & Indies 5

Thanks to the wonderfully talented Danielle Dalmer for the shots, Rory Hansen and Stephanie Mio Bartlett for posing and Corey Fox for the use of his place.

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Spork Fest was the best!

Official Flyer


The lovely Carolee Coy Beckham snapped some shots of us.

The boys


Shark Mountain

Nuff Said

Some taken by others.

Fork Fest really was one of the funnest experiences we’d had in a long while.

It’s always exciting to play for such a large crowd and feel their genuine appreciation for the music you make.

Thanks to all who made this happen and let’s do all we can to make it happen again in 2011.

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Shark Speed Tour (as greg would define it)

Tour Bathroom

Nap Sweats

Dads Pissed

Its Their Job



Dads Content

Quick (Trip) Dip

Homeward Bound

Just a few non-show related pictures from our most recent Las Vegas/Arizona adventures in the SS Mino

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Cold, Hard Education


So its almost here. Mastered copies back from the Blasting Room in CO, and sounding great! Heres the Education EP cover photo done by our good friend Colin Cronin and Natalie Christensen.  If you don’t recognize it, its where the three of us have called our home for the past sixteen months. An awesomely GROSS house on 700 east where we have ALL learned a lot of things. Thus the name of the EP. Stay tuned for its local release late January with the online release to be determined.

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20th & 21st

We have some shows in a couple weeks that we’re all very excited for. The 4th annual Cowboys & Indies at Velour Live Music Gallery (the friday show), and a show up in Layton with Dear and the Headlights and our friend Rajiv Patel. I was way happy with how these flyers turned out. Hope you like them too. They have a very “Fall” feel do they not? (p.s. the pearl is mine)


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Playin With The Riggins!

We played some shows this past week with the great Finn Riggins from Idaho. They were great. The girls of the animal house were nice enough to lend us their house for the night. Photos of that show to come. We then went on to Salt Lake City to play at the Woodshed. Supper fun week. Thanks guys for coming.

The Following are some very impressive show posters of theirs. Finn Riggins is going on to tour with Built to Spill & Disco Doom.




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