greywhaleWhat once started as two brothers jamming in a Utah basement has now become a project that is turning heads and creating buzz around Utah and its surrounding states. Shark Speed began with brothers Joseph and Jared Christensen writing and playing songs in aspiration to create something new and different. Although both have played in several bands previously, this was the first project with Jared playing drums and Joseph playing guitar. After a couple months, both realized that to complete the band and achieve what they were striving for, they would need to recruit other members and complete the band.

joeandthayneThe duo searched high and low for members that would be a perfect fit until one night, after weeks of searching and by a stroke of pure luck, Joseph ran into Thayne Fagg, an old friend from their hometown of Las Vegas. As the night unfolded, Joseph and Jared knew instantly that it was meant to be: Thayne filled in completing what the band needed vocally and as a second guitar player. After a lengthy process of going through many people, Hans Ringger was finally brought in by a gust of wind, and the shoe fit from the moment he picked up the bass guitar. With Hans completing the missing puzzle piece, and stayed with them weeks shy of a year, only to part with them in late October of 2009. The band officially formed in the winter of 2008. Shark Speed separates itself from other bands through its hard work ethic and D.I.Y attitude. Having the three core members raised in the Las Vegas music scene has also helped bring an instant common ground to the band. 


With less then a year under its belt, Shark Speed has seen a continual increase in its local fan base, recorded its full length album “Sea Sick Music” in the summer of 2008, continued playing locally and writing and recording a most recent E.P. called “Education”. Taking out loans and working second jobs, Shark Speed band members invested and financed both records themselves. Producer/Engineer  Bob Hoag recorded both releases at the Flying Blanket Studio in Mesa, Arizona. Hoag is known for his work with such band as The Format, Dear and The Headlight, Scary kids Scaring Kids.  Shortly after releasing “Sea Sick Music” they were  approached by several small indie labels, so Shark Speed hired Bear Trap PR to handle their print and online press, and decided to continue down an indepeindent path.
With Thayne’s unique vocal style and the bands progressive music, Shark Speed has created a refreshing sound. Playing to sold out crowds, and winning the words of countless critiques, the members of Shark Speed, through their hard work and friendship, have created something lasting and worth listening to

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  1. Theresa Lea

    Hey can you guy’s get back to me about who and what you are doing. I want to talk with you about what you are doing.

    Theresalea@att.net 949-929-5874 cell

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